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AI users shocked as ChatGPT leaks people’s conversations, personal details

LAHORE – The latest tool from Open AI ChatGPT has stunned users and is being touted as a groundbreaking bot for holding conversation with the end user. As people are curious to play with it, the latest tech has backfired.

In a short span, the bot attracted a lot of users and its servers could not function properly. As people get their hands on the latest tech, personal details of users like credit cards and conversations of some users have been leaked.

People even observed seeing chat histories in their accounts that they never had with the AI tool.

Several users shared the development online, while the company temporarily closed the ‘dangerous’ AI tool because of the data breach. OpenAI told the media that the chatbot has been deactivated to fix the glitch.

A user shared a screen recording showing that whatever audio message you send to ChatGPT via WhatsApp is also available in written text.

For those who want to know about the basics of ChatGPT, it is a data-driven AI tool which generates responses to a given prompt.

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