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Balochistan CM steps down amid political turmoil


After days of political turmoil in the province, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal on Sunday stepped down from his post, official said.
According to PRO to Balochistan governor, Kamal had submitted his resignation to Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmad Agha, which he accepted.
Kamal also took to Twitter to confirm the development. “After many thoughts and reasoning and not let PDM (anti-government alliance of opposition parties) put further cracks in us… I put my resignation with a consensus,” he said.

Deliberating things for the last one month, ups and downs, challenges and conspiracies. We all members stood firm and non broke Alhamdulillah.And after many thoughts and reasoning and not let PDM put further cracks in us..I put my resignation with a concensus.
— Jam Kamal Khan (@jam_kamal) October 24, 2021

Earlier today, in a tweet, CM Kamal said that he had spent his time and energy for overall governance and development in Balochistan despite many well thought out political obstacles.
“I would like to leave bad governance with dignity instead of being part of the financial agenda,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle.

Beside many deliberate political hindrances,I have given my utmost time and energy for the overall governance and development of Balochistan. I would rather leave respectfully and not be part of their monetary agenda and bad governance formulation.
— Jam Kamal Khan (@jam_kamal) October 24, 2021

“I can understand how financial gains are performed, given all the drama, jealousy, propaganda and hunger for chief ministership,” he said along with pictures of members of disgruntled lawmakers from Balochistan.

Seeing all the drama, jeoulssy, fake propaganda and hunger for CMship shows how performance is put down infront of monetary gainsThey say, the so called “division of BAP”, is because of jam kamal. Then I leave my decission to the party and its coalition members.
— Jam Kamal Khan (@jam_kamal) October 24, 2021

He said that the angry group says that the division in Balochistan Aami Party (BAP) is because of Jam Kamal Khan, “so I leave the decision to the party and allies”.

Earlier, a no-confidence motion was tabled against him in Balochistan Assembly, from the dissident lawmakers belonging to BAP and opposition members of the house.
The voting was scheduled to be held tomorrow (Monday) on the motion.
Only a day earlier, Kamal had denied reports that he has resigned from the post of chief minister.
“I have not resigned and such rumors may not spread,” he clarified on his official Twitter handle.

I have not resigned and such rumors may not spread.
— Jam Kamal Khan (@jam_kamal) October 23, 2021

On Wednesday, the disgruntled members had tabled a no-confidence motion against the chief minister.
The motion, backed by 33 of the 65 provincial assembly members, was moved by Food Minister and Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) leader Abdul Rehman Khetran.On Friday, CM Kamal had claimed that he had support of majority MPAs and he will foil opposition and ruling party disgruntled members bid to remove him through a no-trust motion.

Alhamdulillah we all are 41 as coalition(BAP, PTI, ANP, HDP, JWP, PPP, Azad, BNP-A)And out of this 41 members 80% stands with usWhy do we count opposition as part of this coalition. if they stick to this policy then they should announce themselves as part of opposition too.
— Jam Kamal Khan (@jam_kamal) October 22, 2021

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