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Bilawal announces protests against inflation on Oct 29


Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday announced holding protests against inflation on October 29 in front of local press clubs in districts across the country.
The Bhutto dynasty scion, while chairing a meeting of party leaders and workers, said that the issue in which Prime Minister Imran Khan gets involved “is not change but destruction”.
“Imran Khan has taken away the freedoms that have been bestowed upon the people under the Constitution,” Bilawal said, adding that from sanctity of the vote to freedom of speech as well as that of the media, “Imran tried to snatch it all”.
Bilawal said that the people of Pakistan were going through a difficult period due to inflation.
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“We do not do politics for power … our politics revolves around solving public problems,” Bilawal added.
He said that his party had protested from day one against the PTIMF – a term used by the PPP to describe the deal going on between the ruling PTI and the International Monetary Fund for the release of the remaining $6 billion loan – budget.
He said announced that on Friday (October 29) his party would hold protests against inflation in front of all press clubs in districts across the country.

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