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British diplomat, 60, ‘sexually harassed’ in India

British #diplomat, 60, ‘#sexuallyharassed’ in #India

LONDON – Amid rise in sex related crimes in second most populous country, a woman British diplomat was sexually harassed while she was on her way to play tennis in Chandigarh – the capital of the northern India’s Punjab.

Reports in Indian media quoting police officials cited that the incident took place when the victim left her residence in early morning to walk towards Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association (CLTA).

“I was walking past the residential houses when a bike came up behind me. The rider hit me hard with his hand or something on my back. The man also made indecent gestures. I shouted at him and ran after him but he managed to escape,” she told law enforcers.

The UK diplomat then informed her coach about the incident after arriving at the tennis court.

Later, cops apprehended the accused, identified as Vishwas, a cook. Local police also recovered the bike used by the accused and confirmed that the woman had identified the suspect.

Following the identification, a case was registered against him and a team under the supervision of senior officials was constituted for further investigation, per reports.

A survey conducted by United Nations in Indian capital showed that around 95 percent of women and girls feel unsafe in public spaces .The number of offences remains high in past year, with more than 28,000 rapes reported last year.

The country is also considered as one of the most ‘dangerous countries’ for women due to the high risk of sexual violence, where even foreign dignitaries are not safe.

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