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Canal attracts citizens in sweltering heat


The number of visitors to amusement parks and Lahore Zoo has declined considerably because of the ongoing spell of hot weather.
Despite the weekly holiday on Sunday, the number of visitors to Lahore Zoo and Safari Park was low. However, the Lahore Canal presented the view of the provincial capital’s biggest picnic spot.
Very few people leave their homes even on public holidays due to rising temperatures.
The city’s streets were also mostly deserted and major parks and the zoo received very few visitors till noon.
However, as the heat subsided, a number of citizens arrived at Greater Iqbal Park, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park and Jilani Park.
Bigger crowd was seen at picnic points along the Lahore Canal near Jallo.
From Kharapul to Dharampura, youngsters were seen bathing in many places throughout the day. There was a crowd near Kharapal, Jallo, where thousands of young people bathed in the canal.
A large number of families were also seen in the green belts on both sides of the canal, including the picnic points. Women and children also enjoyed the pleasant canal water.
The citizens remained at the picnic points till the night. Many families arranged picnics, while others enjoyed the atmosphere.
Most of the youngsters ate watermelons cooled in the canal water. Watermelon sellers are seen at several places on both sides of the canal.
The visitors appeared oblivious to a ban on bathing in the canal imposed by the canals department and the district administration. Thousands of youths are seen bathing in canal on holidays in the summer season.
Due to the less depth of the Lahore Canal, there are few cases of drowning while bathing.
However, the BRB Canal is very deep, where incidents of drowning are often reported.

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