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Cuba opposes Israeli agenda at UN, observes a minute of silence to honour Palestinian martyrs

NEWYORK – The Cuban representative pointed out the violation of rules by the Israeli representative at the UNESCO meeting after the latter asked members to mourn for the Jews killed in Holocaust.

The clip dates back to 2017, has recently got viral in the wake of Israeli atrocities in Palestine, other than the recent UN summit. In the clip, an Israeli ambassador to UNESCO, Carmel Shama-Hacohen urged everyone to stand for a minute against the Holocaust following which the members stood in silence and expressed solidarity.

“As UNESCO has taken upon itself to commemorate the Holocaust, I stand here today as the representative of the Jewish state, I, therefore, request that this body stands with us in a minute of silence in solemn memory of the six million murdered Jews, and all those who were killed by the Nazi animal, or died fighting against it”, he said before observing silence.

The development which came after the Israeli call made headlines as the Caribbean state with 0.1 percent of the Muslim population came face-to-face at the world forum against Israeli politics and domination.

The Cuban representative contradicted and pointed out the violation saying ‘only the Chair can ask for a minute of silence while no other Muslim country stands against the Jewish agenda.

“I do think that this is an incorrect interpretation of this decision. I think the decision has been manipulated once again when what we have done – this committee does not make any decisions concerning measures against Israel nor against the Jewish people and I think that that is turning this meeting into a politicized circus”, she said.

She then requests to stand for a minute of silence for all of the Palestinians who have died in the region saying if Jews hold importance then Palestinians shouldn’t be bypassed too.

As world leaders mostly stand with Israeli forces and termed Israeli oppression as ‘conflict’, Cuba has done a job for Palestinians which Muslim states were supposed to do.

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