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Equitable development key to progress in Pakistan, says PM Imran

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday said Pakistan cannot prosper and grow without equitable development as he launched the rehabilitation and up-gradation of Baluchistan’s Jhaljao-Bela Road.

Reiterating the federal government policy while addressing at the inauguration ceremony, the premier said the incumbent government is uplifting areas that were ignored and left behind by the previous governments.

Khan also mentioned per kilometer cost for the project was cheaper in the regime of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz despite inflation since then. I am thinking if we had made roads at the same rate as today, how much money we would have saved for more roads, he said while recalling corruption among the ruling elites.

PM also confirmed that he has tasked his team to investigate the matter and taking out the corrupt elements that made dirty money by looting infrastructure funds.

Speaking about the lack of Balochistan’s development, Khan mentioned previous rulers who only plan for their five-year time. He also added it was very necessary for Balochistan to connect with the other areas for the socio-economic state of the region

The 80-kilometer road in the Awaran district of Balochistan is a project of the National Highway Authority. The two-lane road project is said to finish within three years starting now. It comes at a cost of over Rs1 billion.

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