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Fan sketches Umer Sharif using salt


Fans of the King of Comedy Umer Sharif have expressed condolences on various forums including the social media.
While his loved ones shared condolence messages and posts on various social media platforms after his death, there are also a few people who paid homage in their own way to Umer Sharif who had been putting smiles on people’s faces for the last 45 years.
Amir Hussain, a Pakistaniborn artist based in Denmark, used canvas like other painters, but instead of paint, he sketched Umer Sharif with salt. Using a piece paper and a salt spray gun, Hussain made a sketch of the comedian who according to him was worth his salt. Though it is the most inexpensive ingredient, food is tasteless without salt.
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“I have seen Umer Sharif perform since my childhood. He was a legend of Pakistani stage. I am deeply saddened by his death. He would put smiles on their faces and force them to laugh through his spontaneous comedy,” Hussain said. In this world full of anxiety, tension and stress, it is a daunting task to make people laugh — not everyone can do it. It was due to this unique quality of Umer Sharif that I made his unique sketch in salt.
Hussain says that he did not learn this art from anyone but he got training from his elders.

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