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Malam Jabba resort vandalised


A large number of highly enraged local villagers attacked the Malam Jabba resort and removed the barriers and gates erected by the sky resort administration.
Local residents were angry due to the attempts to close a road by the administration.
Police told The Express Tribune that this is not the first time a clash between the administration and the local residents had taken place as the resort administration is not willing to allow locals near its land and locals blame that the only road to several hilly villages is being closed.
“When the villagers attacked the police guards also fled because they were few and there were hundreds of villagers who removed all the barriers and gates established by the resort,” said a police official.
When contacted, an official of the resort said that local residents had established cabins with the boundary walls of the resort when some people entered these cabins the guards stopped them on which villagers attacked and entered the facility and caused widespread destruction of property.
A large contingent of police was sent to the area after which the villagers fled.
Published in The Express Tribune, November 8th, 2021.

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