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Man marries rice cooker, divorces ‘steamy’ partner four days later

JAKARTA – Pictures from an event are doing rounds on social media as an Indonesian man announced the split days after marrying a rice cooker.

In another event of marrying non-living objects, a man Khoirul Anam from Magelang opted for a partner who ‘talks less and is very good at making food’.

In the viral event, the groom can be seen signing marriage papers and performing the rituals with the kitchen appliance, and also kissing it after the wedding is over.

“Fair, obedient, loving, and good at cooking,” Anam captioned the pictures while the cooker was decorated with a veil, like a traditional bride.

Days after marrying the cooker, the man shared the development that he has divorced his newlywed wife, just after four days!

The Indonesian man also admitted that there is no ‘perfect’ partner for him. “My decision is round and heavy indeed, but this is the way I take no perfect partner”, he wrote on a social media post.

Netizens left divided wondering what might be the next thing he opts to get married. Anam is a celebrity in the Southeast Asian country, he also used to participate in various stunts quite often.

Earlier, a Brazilian model decided to marry her after being distressed with men for being loyal.

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