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Motorcycle, auto rickshaw prices soar


Manufacturers of auto-rickshaws and motorcycles have increased prices in line with the trend witnessed in the passenger car segment.
Talking to The Express Tribune, Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers (APMA) Chairman Sabir Shaikh revealed that all companies issued a letter last month, announcing an increase of Rs5,000 in prices of rickshaws and loaders.
Manufacturers of brands such as United, Road Prince, New Asia, Unique, Elite, Hi-Speed, Sazgaar, Raftaar and Super Star have raised prices by around Rs25,000 in recent months.
Yamaha raised the motorcycle price by Rs8,000 to Rs184,000 for YB-125Z and to Rs204,000 for YBR-125. Moreover, the company increased the price by Rs8,500 for YB125Z DX and YBR125G to Rs198,000 and Rs213,500 respectively.
Honda increased the price by Rs4,000 to Rs90,900 for CD70 and to Rs97,500 for CD70 DREAM.
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The company also hiked the price by Rs5,000 to Rs125,500 for Pridor and to Rs147,500 for CG-125. The price of CG-125 SE went up Rs6,500 to Rs177,000. Likewise, Suzuki hiked the price by Rs8,000 for GD110S, GS150 and GS150SE to Rs194,000, Rs210,000 and Rs227,000 respectively.
Furthermore, the company increased the price by Rs12,000 for GR150 to Rs307,000.
“Prices may go further higher as the cost of raw material is increasing,” Shaikh said.
He said that depreciation of the rupee against the US dollar over the last two and a half months increased the cost of imported parts and engines by about Rs4,000.
During the same period, steel prices rose by Rs15.21 per kg, which increased the cost of rickshaws and loaders by Rs5,300.
Prices of rickshaw tyres have gone up by Rs1,629 in addition to sales tax, while prices of loader tyres have risen by Rs2,424 in addition to sales tax.

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