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Nadia Kahf makes history by becoming first hijab-wearing judge in US court

TRENTON – Noted lawyer Nadia Kahf etched her name in history books after becoming the first Hijab wearing judge in the United States (US).

Historic moments were witnessed in the northeastern state of the United States as Nadia was sworn in as Passaic County Superior Court judge while holding Islam’s holy book Quran while her fellow judges cheered for her achievement.

The legal adviser to Wafa House is not the first Muslim woman to serve as a state judge however she makes it to the coveted position for being the first who covers her head, which was once touted as a gender-oppressive move by the western world.

The attorney with Syrian background will serve as a judge as New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy picked her for the powerful role.

For the last two decades, she remained part of the board of the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations as chairwoman.

Meanwhile, the new milestone achieved by the head-covering woman grabbed a lot of attention as it underscores the importance of diversity and representation in one of the leading nations.

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