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PM Imran Khan is with me, says Shoaib Akhtar

LAHORE – Days after the PTV controversy garnered international attention, former pacer Shoaib Akhtar revealed that he has the backing of the incumbent government including Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Rawalpindi Express made the disclosure as he is all set to give a ‘befitting’ response to the state-run TV after getting an Rs100mn recovery notice.

The state-run broadcaster sent a recovery notice to the 46-year-old, for not breaching the contract and resigning from the post on air while the outspoken Akhtar was deemed confident of coming out victorious in this legal tussle.

Speaking from a sports analysis show, the cricketer turned cricket expert said from the government to the showbiz stars, everybody is standing with me because they are angry at how a national icon was insulted during a live show.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and the PTI cabinet are with me, he said when asked whether PTV is taking decisions individually or is somebody backing the campaign against him.

He also revealed that his legal team is looking into the details of the case saying PTV challenged the ‘wrong person’.

Akhtar, after getting the recovery notice, said he was utterly disappointed with the PTV. He took to Twitter to vent out his anger saying I am a fighter and I will not give up this legal battle.

The speedster bowler was told that he is liable to pay Rs3.3 million to the PTV in lieu of three months of his salary as he resigned without serving the notice period. That aside, the state broadcaster demanded Akhtar to pay Rs100 million to it in damages.

It all started following an on-air spat between Akhtar and PTV Sports host Dr. Nauman Niaz during a live show. The former cricketer also got much support from many of his fans as netizens termed the incident as humiliating as this was done in front of celebrated cricketers.

Akhtar first tried to settle the matter in a peaceful manner but when he walked out and announced resigning from the PTV after the host continued the ‘insulting session’.


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