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Poor construction beleaguers Mianwali


Evidence of corruption and mismanagement during development work in Mianwali’s Mohalla Nai Abadi area has come to the fore. The development work, which focused on the construction of sewerage lines, tiles and other infrastructure, was started during the tenure of the previous government.
The reported corruption involved the contractors acting in connivance with the related government department.
The project had a budget of Rs260 million, of which Rs120,500,000 had already been spent. When the previous government’s tenure ended last year, the contractor had disappeared and the project was left incomplete.
Furthermore, there is evidence that poor quality materials were used in the installation of sewerage lines. Additionally, stones and gravel used in construction fell into the sewerage lines, causing obstructions and affecting the drainage system. Many lines are not in working order.
As a result, heaps of filth and unhygienic smell are festering in the area, which is also becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are also no manhole covers on drainage points outside houses, which have caused accidents on daily basis, according to residents of the area.
Another issue caused by poor planning and mismanagement is that poorly working gas pipelines have caused explosions on several occasions. These gas blasts have sent manhole covers flying 15 feet into the air. The relevant authorities failed to inform the gas department before construction work for preemptive measures.
The frequent explosions have left residents of areas gripped by fear. Local PTI leader Tariq Mehmood stated that there were no manholes for the safety of locals, however this created another problem. Sewerage water began spreading in the streets due to the covering of manholes and diseases began to spread.
Due to the situation, residents are facing incredible mental distress, which is compounded by the fact that the work remains incomplete. Two streets of the locality are only half complete, with no one to inform locals about the remaining work.

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