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Salons, barber shops get notices for registration


The Punjab health department has issued a deadline of December 31 for the registration and licencing of all barbershops, beauty salons and parlours in the province to help contain the spread of hepatitis.
The health department has made a hepatitis free certificate mandatory for all people working in these establishments.
They said that hepatitis was spreading in Punjab because of the use of unsanitised devices. It has, therefore, been decided to make beauticians use disposable devices instead. Hepatitis-free washing of reusable tools like scissors, combs, etc has also been made compulsory.
All shops will be sealed in January 2021, and all equipment used will also be thoroughly scrutinised. According to the Directorate General of Health Punjab, the registration of employees will be done by the local district health office only after the presentation of their identity cards.
There will also be a three-month free registration at the beginning, and after that, the health inspector will issue licenses and permanent registration will be done. The directorate hopes that these tangible steps will entirely eradicate the transmittable disease from the province.
Published in The Express Tribune, October 30th, 2021.

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