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School sealed after hidden cameras found in washrooms


The Sindh Education Department has cancelled registration of a private school and sealed the premises after secrete cameras were found installed in the boys and girls washrooms.
At least two hidden cameras have been found from the washrooms of a private school located in Safora Goth, officials told The Express Tribune.
Despite warning and show cause notices served to the school management, it failed to clear its position while the school remained functional on Friday, they said.
A female teacher at The Haracks School, located in Chapal Sun City lodged a complaint with the Directorate of Inspection of Private Institutions Sindh, a committee of which visited the school on Thursday and found two hidden cameras installed in the washrooms.
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“Hidden cameras were installed behind a sheet with holes in the area of the washrooms situated with the toilets of girls and boys so that one can easily watch the movements of male and female students and staff,” said an office order written by Director General Dr Mansoob Hussain Siddiqui.
The school management was directed to appear before Siddiqui but it failed to comply.
Though the letter clearly mentioned the suspension of the school registration on Thursday but, sources disclosed it remained functional on Friday.
Sources told The Express Tribune that some of the female teachers were already aware of the hidden cameras but were not sure where they had been installed.
“The team when searched the washrooms did not find anything in first attempt,” a senior official said. “However, they were successful the next time after unsealing the sheet pasted in front of cameras,” the official said. “Another camera was also installed in the boys’ washroom in the same manner.”
Though several complaints have been lodged by parents and teachers about the private schools in the city but the education department’s officials said that it was the first case where cameras were installed in the washrooms.
The experts said that the school managements could install cameras for security and safety purpose of the students and the staff. “But they cannot install cameras in washrooms,” another officials said.

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