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Truck artist adorns household items


Truck Artist Ejaz Mughal is famous for transforming his art into household items like crockery, jewellery, vases and drums. Traditional truck art still has great value and immense potential for growth in the years to come.
Hailing from Dhok Mangtal Rawalpindi, he learnt the art from his late father, Haji Habibur Rehman, around 22 years ago.
The artist said a few decades ago, people used to mock truck art at exhibitions, but now there is a tremendous increase in its popularity not only in Pakistan, but also abroad.
“The demand for handmade products has not declined despite modern printing techniques,” he said. He added that art lovers paid him whatever he demanded, which encouraged him to come up with more innovative ideas.
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“There was a time when people associated with truck art could not earn a living, but the situation is different now. They earn well and have a lot of respect in the society,” he added. People who are familiar with the beauty of art appreciate handmade paintings instead of 3D printing, said Mughal.

Additionally, he said he had done truck art on items in homes, offices, and schools.
Mughal’s work is not only popular in the country, but foreign tourists are also fond of his unique talent. When foreigners and foreign diplomats started showing interest in his work, Mughal established an art gallery in an upscale locality of Islamabad. “I travel to Islamabad from Rawalpindi every day to work at my art gallery, which is my major source of income,” he said.
A visitor to Mughal’s art gallery, Mohammad Sufyan, talking to The Express Tribune raved about Mughal’s pieces. He said that the skill of the truck artist made even a normal photo beautiful.
An artist Sofia, who has a keen interest in truck art, said that Ejaz played with colours and made truck art more accessible. “I just love the way he uses five basic colours in all of his paintings,” she continued.
Mughal said that Pakistan’s truck art was very popular all over the world. It was also present in India, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries – adding that Pakistani truck art was also the most famous in European countries.
Published in The Express Tribune, October 8th, 2021.

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