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Two Pakistanis among 3 FIFA World Cup security guards jailed in Qatar for demanding unpaid wages

DOHA – Three men, including two Pakistani nationals, who were hired for security job for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, were imprisoned for five months in Qatar following a dispute over unpaid salaries, it emerged on Saturday. 

Reports said Pakistan’s Shakir Ullah and Zafar Iqbal, and an unidentified Indian colleague were jailed for six months and fined 10,000 Qatari riyals each for staying in Qatar despite termination of the employment contract three months early a local firm, Stark Security Services.

The company had laid off hundreds of employees and told them to receive their final salary, vacate their accommodation, and warned of action in case of refusal.

The two Pakistanis and the Indian national did not return to their homeland as they demanded the company to pay for their unpaid wages. 

Reports said the company had hired people from different countries under a six-month contract, which promised monthly salary of 2,700 riyals in return for seven-day working weeks, food and accommodation. 

“The contracts stipulated a notice period of “six months post date of joining.” Qatari law states contracts that are terminated early require a one-month notice period,” read the Arab News’ report.

An official of the Qatari government told international media outlet that that the Stark Security Services had violated labour laws in the Gulf state and would face legal repercussions, but added that “a resolution was swiftly reached between the company and its employees, whereby the workers were remunerated in full for their services and their contracts were concluded in accordance with their specified terms.”

The spokesperson added: “Qatar does not arrest or deport workers for seeking to resolve their employment disputes. The rights of all individuals working in Qatar are upheld and protected through the fair and just application of legal due process.”

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