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USC jacks up prices of various items


The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has jacked up the prices of various items, including tea, oil, coffee, mixed pudding, and custard.
According to a notification issued on Saturday, the price of 950 grams of tea of various brands was tagged at Rs210 from Rs100. The price of a 100-gram jar of coffee has been increased to Rs50.
Similarly, the price of 500 grams of formula milk for children has gone up to Rs60 and the price of washing powder has surged by up to Rs10 per kg.
Likewise, the rate of 300 grams of custard and cornflour was also increased by Rs5 and Rs20 respectively. The price of 250 grams jar of honey surged to Rs95.
As per the notification, which will take effect immediately, dairy products, including milk, will also be sold at an increased rate at the utility stores.
The surge in the government stores comes amid rocketing prices of everyday conveniences and products in the retail market.

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